The Sea Ruby

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“An adventure, I get it! But you want to go on this big adventure across the sea to find this wish ruby thing. You don’t even know if it’s real!” Violet’s sky-blue eyes glistened as she complained, as if she were in a school debating team. 

“I do know its real, it is a ruby that grants wishes once its master is touching it.” I said as sweat dripped from my forehead. Violet looked at me with an unconvinced expression. “Look Violet, do you want to come or not?” The boat finally slipped into the sea. “Yay!” I cried. 

“Fine, I’ll come,” she declared, looking up at the tall boat that was now our ride.  

“No arguing?” I laughed, clambering up the dilapidated rope. Violet nodded, finally easing of her stress, and following me closely. I ran towards the boat’s steering wheel, my cold feet banging on the floorboards. 

Violet looked anxiously around, touching the wooden walls that lined the boat and the fragile ropes that hung from random spaces. “All aboard! Ship is sailing now!” I bellowed, clenching the wooden steering wheel with delight.  

“Can’t we go pack or something? Do you even know how to drive?” Violet questioned, running up the steps and towards me.  

“We don’t need to pack, and my dad taught me a couple tricks before the storm.” I grinned, letting go of the sail and letting the moon guide us towards our first stop. 

I watched Violet sleepily lean against a wooden crate, refusing to go to bed alone on this old ship. “Mother’s going to kill me! Why did I come?” she whined, waving her pale arms in the air.  

“Adam, can we come out yet?” a squeaky voice asked.  

Violet jumped and stared at the crate. 

Shush Charlotte! Wait till the morning,” an older voice commanded.   

Violet looked at me and we made a silent agreement. Violet opened the lid on the crate. The moon shone into the dark space.  

“Violet!” Charlotte squealed, jumping out with delight and running into her sister’s arms. 

Adam crawled out too, giving us an awkward laugh.  

“What are you two doing here?” Violet smiled, looking almost relieved by her sibling’s appearance.  

“Well, we couldn’t let you guys go on an adventure without us.” Adam gave me an excited wink, that I didn’t fully get.  

The night rolled over fast and before we knew it, we were sucked into the devil current. “Aah!” Charlotte screamed, running towards Violet. Adam clung to the edge of the ship, completely exhilarated by the moment.