The Sea Ruby

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Violet rolled her eyes. “Fine.” 

We crept across the beach, jumping behind the ship. Mira was standing alone awkwardly, waiting for the crew to board.  

“Mira,” I whispered.  

She turned abruptly. “Flint?” she whispered back, her eyes wide. “What are you doing here?”  

“I came to save you!” I looked gleefully at her.  

“I don’t need to be saved. Go with your girlfriend, back to …” She stopped, looking at the both of us in our silk pyjamas and neatly done hair. “Are you living in the castle?” she asked, sounding jealous.  

“Yeah! Do you want to come?” I grinned again, slightly annoyed by her “girlfriend” assumption.  

She hesitated before she shook her head. “Go away, I’ll be fine.” 

I couldn’t believe my ears, but I ran back into the bush with Violet trailing behind me.  

“Can we go back now?” Violet whined, pulling my silk pyjama sleeve.  

I shook my head and peeped back over the bush. Violet grunted and began to walk back to the castle alone. 

I grabbed her arm again. “Look!” I exclaimed, pointing towards the tall, slim lady. A map slipped out of her pocket. The fragile piece of paper sank to the ground.  

“Haven’t you learned anything? Don’t touch me!” Violet yanked her arm free from my grip.  

I ignored her and stared intently at the piece of paper. I saw the water creeping up to it, so I launched myself at the paper, rolling onto to my back and letting the water seep into my silk pyjamas. 

“Flint! What are you doing? You’re going to get us killed by those pirates!” Violet hissed, as I crept back behind the bush. Violet rolled her eyes. “So, what is that anyway?” she asked.  

“A map …” I answered. I smiled at her and pointed to a lonely, wooden boat sitting near us on the shore. 

“Are you crazy?!” screamed Violet. She stared at me as I pushed the heavy boat into the water. 

“You wanted … Ugh!” I huffed, digging my bare feet into the sand as the boat’s splinters dug into my arms.