The Sea Ruby

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Mira gasped, and suddenly snatched the map away. 

I gasped this time, snatching it back. She snatched it back again and shoved it in her trackpants. “Mira!” I said, flabbergasted.  

“Go Flint!” Mira bit her lip and pushed me out of the room. She ran down the hall and took a sharp turn. 

“Well … are we, going home?” Adam asked, slowly moving down the hall.  

“No,” I said, disgusted. I grabbed his arm. We sprinted down the hall.  

Mira was waiting for us, holding a sword in her hand. “I knew you wouldn’t go,’ she said. ‘But you must.”  

“Well, I’m not going anywhere. You’re such a ghastly sister, stealing what is MINE, right from my hand,” I screamed back. 

Abigale emerged from her cabin and gleefully passed us a sword, “Yay, I LOVE it when siblings fight!”  

Mira slyly moved her way around, scanning me for open spaces.  

“Why do you want me gone?” I said, tensing my grip on my sword.  

Adam leaned against the pole, awkwardly waiting for me to finish. 

Mira sliced the air, narrowly missing my stomach. I looked at her in surprise. “I don’t want you gone, I want you safe!” she huffed, dodging my sword as it whisked past her ribs.  

I charged towards her in anger. “Why don’t you come back with me then?’ I cried. “Then we can both be safe.”  

She rolled under me, her sword cutting into my leg. It was minor, but blood spilled out anyway. Mira turned away, looking ashamed. “Because the sea ruby grants two wishes, Flint. Abigale said I could have one. This wish is so important!” She turned back to me, darting towards my chest. 

I blocked her, yelling, “Then why won’t you let me get it?”.  

“Fight, fight, FIGHT!” screamed Abigale, throwing her hands in the air.  

“Because you can’t! You won’t make it that far. You’ll die … and I want you to be safe.” Mira hurtled towards me, I tried to dodge it, but her sword hit my arm. I yelped in pain. Mira stared at the blood that dripped on her sword. 

I glared at her. “Well, I guess if you don’t trust me, I don’t trust you.” I ignored the rushing blood that dripped from my arm and snatched the map out of her pocket.  

Abigale looked at me in shock. “You had the map? Guards get him!”