The Sea Ruby

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Mira followed her sadly, looking at me in shock. I grinned, but I could tell my sister was angry. I thought I should say something, but instead I got ready to sail, as fast as I could. Abigale saw me and yelled, “Don’t you dare leave, child. Or I will have to … KILL YOU.” She screamed, flinching at the last words. 

Charlotte, Adam, and Violet gasped. “Well, give her the map!” Violet yelled, trying to snatch it out of my hand. I put a finger over my lips, and then pointed at the giant’s cave. “Fine, but I’m not going down without a fight!” I called towards Abigale, as Mira looked at me hopelessly. 

Violet gasped again. “You can’t leave me here. What if you die?” She ran towards me. The other ship lowered the gangplank.  

“I never lose,” I called back, thanking one of the men who passed me a sword.  

“Right, kid, let’s get this over with. You know the deal. If I win, I get the map. If you win, you do.” Abigail pulled out her sword. It was sharp and long with a red, leather-wrapped handle. 

I gulped, and my arms began to shake as I stared at my flimsy, wooden sword, covered in mould. Abigale dived, thrashing her sword at me. It whisked by my ribs. I jumped in surprise, before charging back at her. My sword dived past her legs as I rolled on the floor. 

She took her chance and threw her sword at me, hungry to win. I blocked every move. I could hear the sharp breaths taken by Violet, Adam, Charlotte, and Mira. “Give up!” Abigale screamed, launching herself at me again as her hat went flying. 

I grinned and darted away, throwing my sword at her again. Just before Abigale threw herself at me again, I ran. I ran across the bridge and back onto my ship. Adam looked at me in excitement before running to the sail and letting it fly in the breeze. 

Our boat sailed away, leaving Abigail and her crew in shock. Relief unravelled inside me like a blanket. “Ready for our next stop!” I yelled, as Violet huffed in annoyance. “Weather waves!” 

The sunny sky suddenly grew dark, as dark grey clouds poured over, like angry beasts wanting attention. Thunder began to rumble as the sky cried dirty rain. The waves were growing angry, and our boat began to rock. “Adam!” I screamed, pointing towards the sails. “Lower them.” The thunder growled and the waves aggressively charged at us, like angry bulls fighting for their victory. I yanked at the steering wheel, pulling it down as hard as I could.  

“Where are we?” shouted Violet, grabbing onto the ropes. 

“Weather waves are waves controlled by the weather. We’re actually lucky to get a storm. In the summer, this sea is as dry as a desert,” I yelled back, my jaw dropping as a torrential wave moved towards us. Charlotte froze, dropping her teddy bear on the floor. Everything was still, as if the ship was trying to be invisible to the wave.