The Sea Ruby

By Keira Gurney


The ocean thundered in my ears, like a monster growling in agony. Waves crashed into our ship, causing me to lose my balance. The deck was underwater. I searched for my father and found him with my sister Mira. They were using buckets to throw the water back into the sea. It looked pointless, as the water kept rising. “Flint! Get over here!” Mira yelled, throwing me a bucket. 

The sky had grown dark, and the waves turned into angry beasts that roamed the water. I gulped and clambered onto the top deck, my legs wobbly and unstable. Suddenly, a wave as big as a mountain washed over the ship, making the boat go lopsided. I heard my sister scream as my dad slid towards the edge. He grabbed the sail and used all his might to pull himself back on board. 

I ran, not thinking of where to stop. A waterfall of tears streamed down my face as I grasped his firm palm. “Go to your sister. We will all drown if you put too much weight on this side of me boat, and find the sea ruby will ye, that’ll keep ye safe,” Dad said urgently but I ignored him, throwing my hands around his neck and pulling him towards me. 

“Flint!” Mira screamed. She grabbed my waist and pulled me away from our dad. 

I screamed and wailed, throwing my arms in the air. It felt as if someone was ripping out my heart. I finally let go of our dad as he slipped into the clutches of the sea. He mouthed the words “Go on, find the ruby” while blinking quickly, as if he was trying not to cry. I heard my sister’s sharp breath, then water dripped onto my hair. Mira was crying, but there was no time to comfort her. 

A thrashing, angry wave charged towards the boat. It ripped a hole in the side. All our food and money poured into the sea. I heard Mira’s shaky scream. I felt her arms slip away from me. I spun around. My feet slipped from under me and my body slid down our lopsided boat. 

I lost sight of Mira, so I wailed for help. I screamed again but it was too late, I felt my body slipping past the edge, my hands slipping, unable to hold on. I was in the water, I couldn’t breathe. I swam towards the light and breathed a chunk of air before the wave pushed me deeper.