The Sea Ruby

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Adam ignored Charlotte, turning his face towards me. “What is your name?” he asked. 

“Flint. Flint Fisher. Have you seen my sister, Mira? We were on a ship.” I tried to explain, but Violet stopped me. 

“So, you are a pirate. GUARDS!” Violet yelled.  

“N … no! Stop! I … I was on a holiday with my family! We were sailing here for the ball,” I lied, begging Violet to stop yelling.  

“Ugh, are you here for father’s ceremony?” Adam rolled his eyes, accepting my story, and I sighed with relief and nodded, not believing my luck.  

Charlotte tried to talk again. “Oh, no! Did your family die?” she asked.  

Adam kept ignoring her, but I replied quickly. “I … I hope not.” My voice was rough with fear. “I … I want Mira,” I said again, looking around the deserted beach. The pale, stiff sand seemed to go on forever, and way off in the distance, there was a green hill leading up to a castle. 

“Enough about that Mira girl! I know you want your family but it’s getting late, and supper will be ready soon.” Violet motioned for us to join her.  

“Ye’ supper … I mean, your supper?” I asked as we climb the tall, green hill, stumbling to hide my pirate accent.  

“Yes, it is served every night at six o’clock. What time do you have yours, Flint?” Charlotte squeezed her small, pink teddy bear and smiled at me.  

“Well, we usually have it whenever,” I explained, making sure not to add, “because Dad’s usually too busy drawing his next treasure map.”  

Charlotte nodded politely. 

“Here we are!” Adam declared, waving to a serious man who was standing outside the castle. The man held a long sword and wore metal armour. “That’s Graham. He hasn’t moved once,” Adam said laughing, as we enter a huge room with two staircases pointing in different directions. It looked so grand and fancy with red roses hanging off the banister and red carpet flowing across the room. 

 “Mother!” Violet called. We wait patiently for the children’s mother to arrive.