The Sea Ruby

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“Flint! What is this? You said it would be a safe adventure!” Violet rushed towards me with Charlotte at her feet.  

“This is the devil current; it commences in the North Sea every night at exactly midnight. Anyway, the trip is about to get a LOT more dangerous!” I laughed. “Go into the cabin and relax. Dad and I used to take this route all the time. I … I mean, on our way to the ball. Anyway, I know it. Go relax in your bunks.” Violet looked at me doubtfully, before she followed Charlotte into the cabin. 

The night sky was slowly turning over into day as the sun peeked out from the sea, and the waves were hitting themselves against our ship. Adam was still staring, thrilled, at the froth as it curved back into a new wave and then launched itself back against our ship. “You’re not the French prime minister’s son, are you?” he asked, slipping onto his butt as the boat rocked back and forth.  

“Why would you think that I wasn’t?” I said, grinning. 

The boat slipped away from the devil current and smoothly slid through a calm sea. Violet and Charlotte came back out of the cabin and stared, in shock, at the mountains that towered over our ship. The mountains grew bigger and bigger, as our ship quietly curved around them. 

“Where are we?” Charlotte squealed, her small head looking up at the colossal mountains.  

“Those are the giants’ homes,” I explained, looking out at the mountains.  

“Giants!” cried Violet. “When will we ever get a break?”  

There was a large cave opening on each of the mountains. As we curved around the mountains, we felt the breath of each of the sleeping giant blow us in another direction. I turned the wheel sharply past each of them, careful not to crash into a giant’s cave. “No one has woken them in over a million years. If they are woken, they will trample the world,” I whispered, as the siblings looked in horror at the shadows of each giant sitting against a wall. 

We kept moving, but suddenly a larger ship came into focus. “There they are!” a gruff voice yelled. The ship came to a halt. I stopped my ship too, and we walked to the edge.  

“Children!” screamed the tall lady, who we had met on the beach. I looked at the caves in alarm, scared that she would wake the giants. 

The lady adjusted her eye patch and continued, bellowing the words. “My name is Captain Abigale Cobblestone. How dare you steal our map! HOW DARE YOU!”