The Sea Ruby

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Suddenly, a swirl of dust swarmed around us and I felt the ruby disintegrate in my hands. My head roared in pain as I was lifted off my feet. I heard Charlotte’s squeal and Adam’s scream. I felt my body moving quick, my mind out of control. 

For the third time during this adventure, I found myself lying on a beach. This beach, though, was familiar. I felt the cold water seeping through my shirt while the stiff sand curved around me.  

“Flint?” said a voice.  

I sat up. Mira was sitting beside me, stroking my hair. “Thank you,” she whispered, tears prickling her eyes.  

I smiled; my wish had come true. All my loved ones were safe, back here on the beach.  

Violet woke too, in a flurry as she dusted her nightie off. She looked embarrassed. She sat next to me, hesitating to smile at Mira.  

“I wanted to say sorry for everything. If it makes you feel better, I had a similar wish …” Mira explained to me.  

Adam woke and immediately looked disappointed. He looked up at the familiar castle. “Oh, c’mon! We’re going to get in SOO much trouble,” he grumbled, sitting beside Violet. 

“I was going to wish for father to come back and make us safe,” Mira finished, as Charlotte woke, last of all, and jumped onto Violet’s lap.  

Together, Mira, Violet, Adam, Charlotte and I all walked up the sandy hill and back to the castle.