Zombie Attack!

By Amelia

Dirty bloodstained sheets covered the room. Ripped curtains were breaking down on the floor, while rats and mice peeked from under the beds. Drawers and chests were cracked and littered with spider webs. Plants took over the walls and glass was smashed on the already grimy floor. The rusty beds were empty and the once beautiful windows were missing panes of glass. Hospital ward C2 was absolutely deserted.

Amy knew that zombies were here. Ever since the devastating virus had swept over the world, Amy had been alone. She’d been stealing from supermarkets and raiding from rubbish bins. She remembered how the strange virus had swept the whole world and turned most adults into zombies, including her parents. How at first the people were happy that the virus couldn’t get children. How most children were abandoned or eaten. Amy was happy that she didn’t have the virus and that she lived in a cellar with sealed walls that no zombies could get into. Suddenly she realised that she had drifted into a daydream. Amy blinked her eyes rapidly and shook her head to force herself to concentrate. She was there to find the cure.

Looking around carefully, her eyes searching every small crevice, Amy heard a soft scratching sound in the hallway on the other side of the door. The sound became louder. She tried to remember if she had locked the door. She only knew one thing it could be …

Scratch! Scratch! The noise was even louder now. Suddenly she could see a dark and very large figure through the frosted glass! Muscles tensing and ears straining, Amy saw the door handle shake. “Zombies,” she whispered.

Amy was now panicking. Her heart was beating quickly and she found it difficult to breathe. Sweat broke out all over her body. She felt sick and really had to go to the toilet. She looked for a way out. Frantically searching the room, Amy saw that there was no exit. She backed-back against the wall with no idea where to hide.

Quickly diving under a bed, she scrunched into a tiny ball. Not a very good hiding spot, she thought grimly. Amy continued to glance quickly around the room but then a sound broke the silence. Creeeeak! The door had opened.


By Peter

“Breaking news,” the evil newsreader said again. “My team has located one of many zombie-filled camps around the world.” Again, we were being hunted by Evan and his corrupt company, who were trying to expose us so they could slaughter the lot of us because of the enzymes in our brain. Again, we were hiding in our tree in the Quinrove Park, hiding from Evan’s onslaught of followers.

We had only been on this new planet, Earth, for three weeks (one third of our population had come in the Sholif Spaceship to escape the terrible reign of Ian the 16th) and now we were being hunted by a psychopath newsreader and his awful team. We had plenty of food thanks to Pam and Donald, the young couple that had been helping us and who also hated Evan’s view of life. They had popped over just before and given us a briefing on how the planet was today. “The only way to stop him finding you all is to break in to the high-security vault behind the newsroom and smash everything in sight. Most of the things in there are the only ones of their type in the world,” Pam told us, when her small head popped through the trapdoor.

None of us were keen to bust in, so we carefully studied the floor plan of the building, thanks to an architect who just assumed that we were interested tourists. There were only three ways in: through the mines handily located at the bottom, through the main entrance which was guarded, or through the fire escape that was also manned. We assumed the best way in was through the front using someone or something to distract the guards, which was by far the hardest but also the one that was most likely to work.

But first, we needed a distraction, and a very, very stupid prison warden. The plan was set. We would go and rescue the meanest toughest fugitive there was and set them loose in front of the entrance. “That will give us just enough time to dash in and close the door, so the guards don’t notice,” Macey concluded with a sigh, as if to say I hate this plan, but it is the only thing that will work.

The closest prison was only 15 blocks away, so we immediately set off with our clever disguises on. We would head into the prison, claiming to be the maximum-security officers from the next town over, to take whoever away. So we did. The entrance was guarded as always but the fake-story worked and the guards even offered to escort us in because we “apparently” had high-authority within the town. It was lunch time and thanks to everyone gathering, we immediately knew which prisoner to take with us: Jonathan Clarke, the guy that everyone (even the officers) seemed to be cowering around. He took one glance at us and laughed, his pointy teeth glinting cruelly in the dimpled sunlight. 172 smashed plates and 19 officers with oversized six-packs later, he was finally subdued and we got him unwillingly into the tiny cab the secretary hailed.

The terrified cab driver let us out just outside the main building of Evan’s News Corporation (ENC) which was also the right time to tell Johnny boy to escape. And by heck he did! The security guards were skinny little fellas and they ran off after John, half determined and half scared. It worked though, and soon we were standing outside thinking about the next plan of attack.

We basically just ran in. The secretary ran and cowered shrieking “zombies” and we then ran over to check the vault number. The elevator was slow and sluggish so by the time we reached the vault floor, the security guards were onto us! Zombies are faster than human beans by a smidge, so our little group was able to lose itself in the panicked mayhem. Finally, after all we had been through we were at the end of our journey. Evan appeared from nowhere and declared, “I knew Zombies where dumb, but I never knew that they were this stupid. Ha ha ha, in my own office too.”

That spelled the end for us. We were led away to a deep dark corridor and imprisoned, and yes, we would have died. Except for Spencer. Miraculously, we lived. He had quietly snuck off in the hustle-bustle to the PA room, from which he was able to distract the guards. This gave us the exact time we needed to get into the vents and smash our way through the ducts to the vault door. Cautiously, we snuck in and smashed every single thing in there to high heaven – and trust me, the news that night was VERY different!

The Lone Boy and the Map (Chapter Two)

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By Archer

Stanly and Lily started a fire and got a tent from Stanly’s backpack.

The next day they packed up and went. Suddenly they stopped. Standing in front of them was a big tall mountain of ice.  “How are we meant to climb that?” asked Lily. Stanly pointed to some snow suits lying on the rocks. They started climbing up the ice caps.

After climbing for an hour, the wind picked up and the snow blasted in Stanly's face.  He swung around the top of the mountain. SWOOSH ... AHHHHH! He slipped and fell. Lily jumped for him. SCREECH, she grabbed him and put her hook through the ice stopping them. They were only an inch off the ground. They jumped down. “Phew!”

“That almost killed us” said Lily.

“Says the person who didn’t accidentally fall,” Stanly said, sarcastically.

They started walking and then THUD! they fell down a cave hole. They looked around. “I think it's empty,” said Lily.


“What was that!”

Stanly found his torch and flicked the switch. The light revealed at least 100 zombies coming from all directions. 


They ran in the only direction they could. WHAM! Stanly ran into something. He looked closely. A pirate zombie stood up.


“Look a ladder.” They ran to the ladder.  “PHEW” said Stanly.  

"Look you’ve got a bite,” said Lily. “Why were the zombies there?”

“I think they were used for slavery,” said Stanly. “AAAHHHHHH”.

“Stanly, are you okay?” Lily asked. 

“GROAN.” Stanly turned into a zombie.

Then all the zombies ran towards Lily. Stanly ran the fastest. He chased Liy into a jungle.



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