Once there were dragons

Joe and the Baby Dragon

By Yathin

"AAAHHH. It's a giant silkworm that shoots sticky silk." Okay Joe, focus on your training. What did your master teach you? He taught me ... Oh hi. I didn't see you there. Anyway, my name is Joe and if you want to know why I was screaming, then you must know my whole story.

Once upon a time there lived a person named Joe. He lived in a small house with his mother and father. On one fine afternoon, as Joe was walking through the forest, some men came and said, “Hi Joe. You are very special man with the superpower of reading a map. Our boss told us to  take you with us for special training so you could find a baby dragon and there is a monster that you have to fight as well, so please come. There is also a hundred million dollar cash reward, but that is only if you bring back the baby dragon. Is that okay?"

Joe liked the idea of the cash prize, but would it be worth it risking his life for cash? He thought about it for a while and then finally said yes, because even if he got the dragon and died afterwards – because the beast chopped his hand off – at least his parents would get the cash prize. The men took him to a training course where he would get a magic sword when he was ready to battle the beast. At the training course he learnt karate and jiujitsu and he passed obstacle courses and he did lots of jumping from place to place. After the training he was ready to battle, and he took his sword and went to get the map.

Joe started the journey after he packed all his stuff. He started at the Sahara Desert. The map said:

Start at the Sahara and walk until you see camels drinking at the oasis, then turn left and walk until you see a sign saying big beast ahead. Be careful. When you get the sign, keep going straight until you reach a big hole. At the big hole, throw some sand down and a beast will come up and give you some string and  a new map, but don't open this new map or else you will die. Keep going straight until you find a bigger hole. Show the new map at the bigger hole, but don't look at the new map because it will kill you. Be ready, because this is the beast you are fighting. So, are you ready? Show the new map and fight. Go.

"Okay," Joe said, and he took out his sword and held up the new map and ...


Out shot a giant silkworm!

"AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHH," cried Joe. "It's a giant silkworm that shoots sticky silk!" Okay Joe, he told himself. now focus. What did you learn? Joe remembered that he had learnt lots of high jumps and how to use a rope to kill animals. Oh yeah, he thought. EUREKA. That's it!

So Joe jumped onto the beast's back and used his powerful sword to take its silk, because he knew that sticky silk would come in handy, and he chopped its head off. YAY, he had killed the beast! But now he had to get back to his journey, so he opened up the old map and looked at what he had to do next. The old map said:

Walk along the road until you get to a castle. After you get to the castle, use a rope to climb the wall (or if you are intelligent, you will have the sticky rope from the nice beast, which is the most easiest rope to use to climb tall castles).

... So I used the sticky rope, and I climbed over the wall and captured the baby dragon. It was so cute, and I finally knew why they wanted it. It was because a baby dragon breathes fire from a mile away and you can still see it. It lights up the whole sky.

I took the dragon back to the men and they gave me the hundred million dollar cash reward, and we all lived happily ever after.


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