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Pixle and the Map

by Keisha

Pixle was a 10 year old girl. She was an only child with a loving mother and father who worked very hard but had very little money to go around. They had only just enough to pay for her to go to school.

It was the first day back of term 2. Everyone had been given a new locker this term and while Pixle was sorting her locker, she found a note that had been folded and tucked up the back, held in place by the locker's framework. Pixle unfolded the paper to find a treasure map. She saw an 'X' on the map and she knew this could mean there was treasure in that spot. Tomorrow she would search for it.

The next morning Pixle arrived at school and was torn between going to class and searching for the treasure.  Today, her favourite teacher was teaching her class and she was torn between the teacher and the map, but then she remembered a saying, ‘Give new things a go’, and with that she decided to go and explore for treasure.

Pixle read the first clue on the map, it said ‘ Where you walk, drag your foot behind you.’ The second clue was ‘Walk 2 metres north, then 2 metres east, then 2 metres south and then 2 metres west and you will find the next clue to the treasure'.

Someone suddenly bumped into Pixle, knocking her to the ground. They kept running. ‘How rude’, mumbled Pixle. She looked around and found that she had fallen over right in the middle of the square that she had drawn from the clues on the map. She smiled when she realised where the treasure was ... it was in the square!

She grabbed a shovel from the gardening shed and got digging. Then she heard the sound ‘clink’, and the vibration went up the spade handle and she felt the vibration in her hand. It was a metal box! Pixle opened the metal box and saw a mirror lying in it. She picked up the mirror and scratched her head. What is this doing in here? thought Pixle. Then she saw what was reflected in the mirror.

Pixle saw a tree with a box, exactly the same as the box she was holding, wedged in between two branches. The tree was in the school grounds, so Pixle climbed up the tree and opened the box to find a block of gold. She smiled. Now she knew that her family was rich.

A Treasure Adventure

by Quinn

Once upon a time, a girl called Ivy was at the beach, when something washed up on the land. It was a treasure map! Ivy picked it up and gave the map to her dad, who was a builder. A little bit later, they went home and Ivy asked her dad to build a boat made of metal. So Ivy got 15 friends and their dads to come along with her and her dad. When they got in the boat, Ivy called “Raise the sails.” Ivy’s dad and three other dads raised the sails and another dad asked “Can I drive the boat?” Ivy agreed and told him where to go. Eventually they arrived. They searched all the holes but no treasure. Unlucky. Then they set off to Villoin Island. When they got there Ivy’s crew looked around … then ZombieZac chased them all the way to their boat!

ZombieZac thought of an evil plan. He would make lots of giant waves near the shore of Wave Rock. The crew arrived at Pineapple Island where they met some pirates and their captain, named Captain Simon Smith. They all looked around. No treasure. Then, they all jumped on their boats and set off to Wave Rock. Soon they discovered the huge waves that ZombieZac had created with his magic. A great white shark jumped into the air and started chomping on the pirate ship. When it had finished, the great white shark chomped on the pirates. Soon, the shark had finished and started chomping on Ivy’s boat but it couldn’t bite through the strong metal, so Ivy and her crew headed for Conicella where the treasure was buried. Ivy handed the map, which led the way to the exciting treasure, over to her dad.

When they arrived at the end of Conicella, they all started to dig holes in the ground. Suddenly Ivy’s shovel hit something. It was the TREASURE! Ivy pulled it out but there was no key. They thought and thought and they thought, and then Ivy’s dad knew where the key was. ZombieZac had kidnapped the key! So five dads went with Ivy’s dad to get the key from ZombieZac on Villoin Island. The other 10 stayed with the kids and treasure. ZombieZac was shocked to see the dads. They chased ZombieZac all around Villoin Island, and then they found the key buried right near the front of his giant house. They grabbed it and sailed back to Conicella. The dads found the kids and the other dads and they opened the treasure and went home.


On the way home, ZombieZac cursed Ivy’s metal boat to make it sink so he could get the treasure from under the sea, but he forgot that his powers wouldn't work anymore if he went in water. Soon the boat started to sink. Ivy and her friends tried to stay above the water, while the dads tried to get the treasure. ZombieZac got it, but he couldn’t get himself home with his magic because it was gone forever. He realised and started to zombie-cry. Ivy jumped under the water and grabbed the treasure. They swam the rest of the way home leaving ZombieZac zombie-crying.

When Ivy’s crew got home, they were famous pirates and the whole country knew about them. They decided to be good pirates and let other pirates around them get the treasure. So that’s what they did and the crew continued to have adventures, and two years later the whole world knew about them.

The Lone Boy and the Map

by Archer

Stanly was a lonely boy on a pirate ship, he had no people to talk to but one day he saw the Captain walk past his cell. He was holding a map! The Captain opened a chest and put the map inside.

“I have to get that map,” Stanly muttered to himself. The Captain walked past his cell, he stuck his hand out and grabbed the cell key. Stanly reached for the keyhole. CLICK! The door opened.

Stanly ran for the chest. Surprisingly, the chest was open. He grabbed the map and studied it. Spike Rock! he thought.

The ship was sailing to Spike Rock. Stanly ran up to the bow of the ship, with all the crew chasing him. He jumped in a lifeboat. He lowered the boat as fast as he could. SPLASH! The boat hit the water, just as the pirate ship hit Spike Rock. Stanly looked at the map. “This is the place,” he said, as the fog cleared to reveal an island.

“Wait!” a voice said. It was Lily, his cell neighbour. She jumped into the boat.

“How did you escape the pirates?” asked Stanly.

“The more important question is how did you get that map?" said Lily.

CLUNK! The boat hit the island.

“Looks like this is our spot,” said Lily.

They both gazed across the land. “Look at that long grass,” said Stanly.

“That’s longer than me,” said Lily.

“It’s longer than both of us,” said Stanly.

“Well, the map says go through it, so let’s go,” said Lily.

They walked through the long grass.


“Did you hear that” said Lily.

“Hear what?” said Stanly.

HISS ...

“That,” said Lily.

“Yeah,” said Stanly.

AHHHH, a great snake appeared.

“Run!” cried Stanly.

They ran across the field and jumped out the other side.

“We made it” said Lily.

“Let’s check the map.” Stanly went to check the map, and then he checked his pocket. “Oh no, I must have dropped it. I’m going back.”

Stanly ran back into the grass. He was being as quiet as he could. He stepped on the map. “Yes,” he said quietly. He started to run, and then he ran into something hard and slimy. It was the snake! He tip-toed past and ran out of the grass.

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