Zombie Friends

by Izabel Wynne

My friends never agreed to me going on holidays, but I disagreed because going on holidays was a great time to forget about the global pandemic. Coming home made me feel even more worried because there was a new vaccine coming out and I had a bad feeling about it and now my parents were talking about getting the vaccine. I tried to convince them not to because there had been numerous reports of people acting strange since getting the vaccine.

An hour passed, and we finally arrived back in New York City. We arrived at our apartment and parked in the underground carpark. I opened the car door, raced to the trunk, and grabbed my humongous blue suitcase.

I raced to the elevator and waited with my parents. A minute passed and the elevator had not yet arrived, so instead of waiting around, I decided to take the stairs, even though I knew it would probably take longer since I had a suitcase. I thought it would be easy, but when I reached the fourth step, I knew it was not going to be as easy as I thought.

I finally reached the apartment and to my surprise, my parents were already in our apartment. They had just finished unpacking. I dragged my suitcase into my room and threw it on the bed and started unpacking. By the time I was finished, it was dinner time. Before going to bed, I went and took a shower. After the shower, I raced to bed, almost falling over. While I was in bed, my mum came into my room and sat at the end of my bed.

I said, “Mum, do you really have to go and get this vaccine?”

She replied with a yes.

The next morning after breakfast, Mum brought me to the park so I could meet my friends, Bemu and Bob. Soon we arrived at the park. When we stopped, I ran out of the car and straight to my friends.

As I reached them, Bemu and Bob’s skin started to peel into a dark green colour, their skin started to rot and smell, and their hair started to fall off their heads. They charged at me and I managed to get bitten, so I ran out of the park to where my mum was standing at the gate. The same thing had happened to my mum and she also tried to get me, but I ran around a car, almost getting caught. I ran back into our apartment building and back to the apartment floor where we were living.

I ran into the apartment, and I shut and locked the door behind me. The zombies pounded on the door, trying to get in. I ran around the apartment, trying to find another way out. Then I remembered that we had a balcony, but the door was locked and the only person who had a key to the balcony was Dad, but he left for work before the sun was even up, and Mum had turned into a zombie as well as my friends. The only option was the way I came from, out the front door. I had to try and find a way to distract the zombies, but then I remembered that I had been bitten by my friends who were zombies and so I had to be a zombie, too!

Suddenly there was a loud bang! I looked around. The sound was coming from the front door. The zombies had managed to break down the door and were now coming into the apartment. I stood still, not knowing what to do. Just as the zombies were about to eat me, they could smell my rotten skin and took no interest in trying to eat me anymore. I saw an opportunity to run out of the apartment and I took it, so then I was free.

I ran out of the apartment building and back onto the main road. All around me were zombies, people who had been bitten, but some of the people who turned into zombies hadn’t even been bitten. “So, how is it possibly that they turned into zombies?” I thought. “Maybe it was the vaccine! I have to try and find a way to get everyone back to normal.”

I ran to my school, almost getting bitten again, and fell over. Finally, I manage to reach my school and surprisingly, the large wooden doors that let into the school were wide open. I started walking through the long-abandoned hallway. Papers were flying all around the hallway. The doors swung open and closed constantly.

I leaned over and pick up a map of the school that had information on where everything was. I searched for a chemistry lab on the map and there was one right where I was. I turned my head to the right to find the lab, I then folded the map and shoved it into my back pocket. I walked through the entrance and into the lab and to my surprise, all the equipment had been left out.

 “How am I going to make the antidote?” I thought.

 Then I remembered that people were going to the hospitals to get the vaccine.

“So if I try the hospital, maybe there will be some of the vaccine left over, and if I can use a zombie’s blood and mixe that with the vaccine, maybe it will work,” I said to myself.

After a long walk to the nearest hospital, I finally made it. I walked around to the side of the building and made my way in through a broken-down door. The door looked like it had been cut through with an axe. I walked past the front desk and around to the rooms where to the doctors would take their patients to be treated for any diseases, etc. I opened the door to one of the rooms. I walked into the room and started searching for any sample of the vaccine left over, and there was but there wasn’t much left.

I grabbed the sample of the vaccine, which was stored in a small container, and a needle. I made my way out of the room and out of the hospital. On the way back to school, I stopped and grabbed some blood from a zombie and continued my journey. After another long walk, I made it back to the school. I walked through the entrance and back into the chemistry lab.

I grabbed the samples of the blood and vaccine and started to mix them together, creating the Anti-vaccine. But now I had to find a way to give this Anti- vaccine to everyone. First, I went back to my friends and my mum. I gave them the Anti-vaccine and hoped it would turn them back to normal, and it did.

“What happened?” cried both Bemu and Bob.

“You both turned into zombies,” I replied.

I turned my head around to see if the Anti-vaccine had worked on Mum, which it did as well. I ran to her and gave her a hug. I stopped hugging her and said, “We have to try and find a way to give everyone this Anti-vaccine I created.”

“You created an Anti-vaccine! How did you make it?” Mum said, in a surprised tone.

“Well, I used the vaccine that turned everyone into zombies, and I used some zombie blood, and I combined them together and it created the Anti-vaccine,” I explained.

Mum gave me a big hug and said, “I am proud of you,” and I hugged her back.

I ran back into our apartment building and grabbed the nearest fan. I unplugged the fan from the wall and ran to the top of the building. I tried to find somewhere to plug in the fan, but I couldn’t find any wall socket. Then I remembered that there was an extra-long extension cord at the front desk.

I made my way back to the front desk. I looked around, trying to find the cord, and eventually I did. I ran back onto the roof and plugged the fan into the extension cord and turned it on. I then put the Anti-vaccine in front of the fan and let the wind blow it into the air. Then it dropped back down to the city and covered everyone.

After waiting for a while, I looked back at the city floor to see that everyone was back to normal. I fell onto my knees in exhaustion, thankful that it had worked.