The Enchanted Woods

by Aina Storm

It was another normal day on the farm. Claire was playing with her dog, Milo. Claire ran into the barn chasing after Milo for fun.

As Claire was chasing Milo, one of the floorboards broke! Crack went the floorboard and “Ahhhh!” went Claire, as she fell down and hit another floor. Thud!

“Huh?” said Claire, feeling very confused.

“I don’t understand why I fell through the floorboard and I fell and hit another floor. We don’t have any other floors!” exclaimed Claire, talking to herself as she dusted herself off.

 “Ohhh, a cellar. Maybe I can just go in there for a little adventure. I mean, who can resist a little adventure?” She was talking to herself again as she climbed through the cellar.

Wow, what a sight, she thought, as she admired the beautiful view. She started walking through the enchanting woods of another world, remembering her steps so she wouldn’t get lost.

After a while of having a little tour of her own, she was already having her best day of her life in this fantastic forest. Then she realised she needed to go home.

She ran up to the cellar door and pulled and pulled, but it wouldn’t open! Oh no, it was locked. She thought desperately for something to do but her mind was blank.

Then, a friendly sparrow who was watching her curiously, flew up to her and said, “You must have come from the other world, and I will help you get back. Just follow me and I will show you the way to a key that will open this cellar.”

She sped off with Claire following behind her.

 Suddenly, the sparrow stopped at two bridges. “Which bridge would you want? One of them is the short way and the other is the long way, but to warn you, there will be some surprises waiting for you on those bridges!” tweeted the bird.

“That one,” shouted Claire, pointing at the left bridge.

She started walking across with the sparrow flying above her. Suddenly, lava balls started flying at them from nowhere. Claire started quickly dodging them.

At last, they finally got across.

 “Okay, I think we can have a break now,” Claire said between puffs.

“Sure thing,” tweeted the sparrow kindly.

After they had a little snooze, they were woken by a little, adorable wolf cub licking them on the face.

“Awww, how cute. Do you want to be with us little guy?” they said together.

The little cub yelped out “woof” as he nodded.

So, they continued on their adventure.


The sparrow stopped at a big dark cave. A small goblin jumped out at them shouting out, “I’ve been watching you on your adventure and you will need my help.”

“Okay, sure thing, you can help us,” they said together.

 Then they walked into the big, dark, creepy cave, but there was an army waiting for them!

The wolf cub growled at the army; the bird flapped at them fiercely; the goblin scowled at them; and Claire made faces at them. Then the battle began! The goblin threw them swords.

Cling! Clash! Bam! Boom!

They won the fight!

“Hooray!” they cheered, and Claire quickly snatched the key and ran straight to the cellar, remembering her steps, with her friends running behind her. They were finally there at the end of their adventure.

Claire hugged her friends bye-bye and promised she would never forget them, and then she climbed into the cellar, smiling her huge smile. Milo jumped at her as she carefully put the floorboards back in place.

And as far as I know, she never did forget her great friends and her great adventure.