Deasel and the Emerald

by Roc Storm

Deasel is a weasel devil. Earlier in the morning, he was in his room trying to make a portal so he could run away from his parents. He finally finished the portal! It sucked him in, and he realised that he was in a video game!

Someone told him that the only way to get back home was to find an emerald. But then a human came, and Deasel ran away.

When he saw the human leave, Deasel went on. But he did not know that the human who had told him about the emerald was evil. And then the human sneaked up behind him and kidnapped him!

Luckily, as the human was carrying him away, he met some weasels. Deasel called out, “Weasels!” They attacked the human and helped Deasel.

Deasel continued his journey, but he crossed paths with some snapping crocodiles! But he had a plan. Whenever a crocodile’s mouth closed, he jumped on the mouth.

Then he crossed an angry hippo! He passed out!

When he woke up, the hippo was about to sit on him! Luckily, he crawled away, and his life was saved, and the hippo broke its butt! Yay!

To get to the emerald, Deasel had to face a dragon. Uh oh! The hippo had a bandage on its butt. Game on! But it was too much for him and he fainted. When he woke up, they were about to destroy the emerald! But he ran and grabbed the emerald, and he travelled back to his home. Yes! But there’s a weird thing—his parents were nice to him. Huh! Then he realised that the emerald had changed his world!

Now it was time for another adventure.