Alien Invasion

by Willow Gore

The old man was on his boat to safety. His island was being destroyed by … aliens! No one was strong enough to fight them off, not even the one and only mighty Thor. Everyone was evacuating the small island, leaving all their belongings behind. Everybody was very scared that the aliens would follow them. 

The old man, John, was the only brave person who lived on the island. He had big blue eyes and grey spiky hair, and he was very short. As John left the island, he told his friendly peers that he was going to safety when actually he was off to Japan so that he could get karate lessons and go back to fight off the big green aliens. He was determined to win the battle.


 John had finally reached Japan and was already signing up for karate lessons. The dojo was on Pig Street. The street was very dark and lonely. John had no choice but to go down there, if he wanted to be the hero. As John went into the dojo, he could smell old mouldy eggs, but he didn’t turn back as he was determined to be the hero.

“Hello, I am John, and I would like karate lessons for two months please. Oh yeah and I must sleep and eat here too, please. I come from a destroyed island,” John announced.

“Of course. I heard about the alien invasion. Stay for as long as you want,” the kind karate master said.

Inside the karate dojo, it looked as though it hadn’t been used for decades. The wood was falling off the walls and inside all you could see was one boxing bag, two beds and all the rest was just broken glass scattered all throughout the small studio. 


Over the two months, John learnt how to do karate kicks and punches and much, much more. The bed that he slept in was as hard as wood and the food tasted like trash, but John was grateful that he at least had a place to stay and he wouldn’t die from hunger. He stayed for around two months, just like he had said. Once John thought that he was ready to fight off the aliens, he said his goodbyes.

“Goodbye and thank you for letting me stay so long!” John cried.

The kind gentleman didn’t respond, as he was too teary. Once John had left, he jumped back on his old rickety boat, which luckily didn’t float away. On the journey back, the water was as rough as a tiger. And John kept seeing sharks swimming around him, but he didn’t give up and kept on going forward. 

By the time John arrived back to the island, all the houses were crushed to the ground. John couldn’t see the grotesque aliens who had four crooked eyes, no clothes and one single grey string of hair—until he spotted one hiding behind a broken-down car. All the other ones were lying on the black cement road, dead. 

John ran over to the last alive one and karate chopped him but that wasn’t enough. So, he decided to punch the alien in the face five times but all that did was knock ten teeth out, so John then kicked the alien right in its stomach. But that still did nothing, so he decided to ask the alien a question.

“What if you leave our planet earth alone and we will stop sending balloons and space junk up to your planet?”

The alien took a loooooong minute to answer but then said, “Fine. I will go back if you promise to stop sending trash up to us.” 

“I promise,” John said graciously.

Once the alien had gone back to its planet, all the people who lived on the island returned to help fix all the damage that had been done.