Diary of a Detective

by Pravin Paramarajah

It was a chilly autumn day and I was at home drinking coffee. I would soon be going to work to solve a mystery. 

After I finished my coffee, I drove to the scene of the crime. Apparently, a shooting happened at the mall killing fifteen people and two people got kidnapped. I got my tools and got to work. Seven bodies were on the floor, but it was clear some bodies had been taken away. The information of the shooting was from a witness who was knocked out and forgot what the killers/kidnappers looked like. 

I checked the floor and found traces of blood, a fingerprint, and a pistol. The same fingerprint on the floor was on the pistol’s handle. 

One witness said that the killers had slightly red coloured clothing. Under hypnosis, the witness showed how he was jerked back, and how someone tried to shoot him but missed, and how they ran into a weird looking vehicle, dragging the hostages and bodies. Also, he said that the shootings happened at 8:19 am. 

Another detective said that the pistol was very different to most other pistols. It was heavier and seemed to be as powerful as a modern-day machine gun. And the fingerprint seemed very different to a normal fingerprint.


I went to the security camera room and rewound the camera. I saw some unusually weird people. I saw a few guns similar to the pistol.  I saw how the survivor hit his head on a wall very hard trying to run away. Then the cameras blacked out. 

The prime suspects were some men in red clothes who were in a car that drove away from the mall around the time of the shootings. They had no weapons with them. There was no clear proof that these three men were guilty. After scanning their fingerprints, I realised that they were innocent. They didn’t even know that the crime happened. 


There were five people alive near the shootings. These people were also suspects. Two of the five said that the killers were aliens and the other three say they didn’t know who did it. One of these suspects fled when it happened so she wouldn’t get killed.

  • The first suspect said that aliens came and killed many of the people at the mall and then went back their UFO, taking the hostages and some of the dead bodies. It sort of made sense because of the pistol, which according to him was alien tech. He also said that he was in his car driving when this happened and did not leave it because he was in a hurry. He claimed that the car he was driving was the same car he drove to the police station to get interrogated. In the videotape, it showed how that car resembled the car the guy had parked. After a few more questions and photos, he was free to go. 
    • The next suspect was walking out of the mall and was on the other side of the street when the crime happened. She claimed that she had heard the shootings and was trying to call the police, but to her dismay, the phone was dead. So she ran.
    • The third suspect claimed to be her husband and the second suspect said that was true. He said he left his phone at home so he couldn’t call the police. They ran past the street to a safer place and took a taxi home. I had their fingerprints scanned and all that, and then they were deemed innocent. 
    • The fourth suspect said that he had left the mall a bit after suspects #2 and #3 left the mall. An alien tried to wrestle him to the ground, but he knocked it out with his phone. He ran and since his phone was shattered, he couldn’t call the police. He was scanned and tested before being freed. 
    • The last suspect said he was so shocked and scared of the incident that he ran. He was so scared he did not think of calling the police. He was also deemed innocent. 

    I had no idea who could’ve done this. I asked the witness who was knocked out some questions about the killer’s getaway vehicle and he said it was round and white. 

    Then it dawned on me. The killers/kidnappers were aliens. It all made sense! The pistol that had the strength of a machine gun. How all the suspects were innocent. The unusually red clothing and how all the suspects who saw what happened up close were all claiming that the aliens were the culprits. 

    But now I had a bajillion questions. Where were the aliens from? How did they get here? Why did they do it? And how could anyone believe me? 

    I decided that I would rely on suspects #2 and #4. They managed to convince twenty-five people—twelve were police. 

    Fifty-four other people claimed to have seen a UFO flying about and the military seemed to believe them after a while. After the government managed to hook up and convince the other major governments, they together managed to make a defence plan against these aliens. 

    This has been a very long and interesting week.