On the Run

By Erika Chhabra

Crunch! Crunch! Crunch! Goes the ice as me walk across it. 

Me and other me walk across the ice looking for food. 

Other me is bigger than me. Other me is looking after me and helping me to live. 

Me is smaller than other me so me not know stuff. Like how to catch dinner, how to go to home and a lot of other stuff me do not know. 

Other me is much smarter than me about that stuff I need to learn. 

Crunch! Goes ice from far away. Other me says, “We need to get far away from danger! Danger is behind us.” 

Me start swimming with other me and we swim in cold melted ice liquid. I do not like swimming in cold liquid but me will have to get away from danger. Me is now wet and cold. 

Me do not know what danger is, or does to us, but me know me does not like it. That is another thing other me needs to learn me. 

Bang! Goes long, metal, mean and hurtful thing. 

Me and other me do not like long, metal, and hurtful thing. We know it does us no good. 

Bang! Other me gets hit with long metal thing. Me is scared. 

Other me says to me as she lies on cold crunchy ice, “Keep getting away from danger! Get far away from it! Have nothing to do with it!” 

Me nod in agreement. 

Me keep running and travel in cold liquid. Me do not like cold liquid but me do it for other me. Me is sad for other me, but me is scared for me. 

Me keep swimming. Me legs are tired! 

Me look back to other me and other me yells to me to keep getting away from danger. 

Me go back into the cold liquid and swim. Swim as far as me legs could. 

I look at other me one more time. But I can barely see other me because other me has a white coat that blends in with white ice.

At one time today, other me told me that the white ice is called shenow. Actually, me think it is called snow. 

Me miss other me but other me told me to keep getting away from danger so me will do what other me tells me. 

Me is tempted to go back and help other me but me does not do it and keeps swimming. 

Me finally reach snow and start to walk because me is sure danger is far away. 

Me is tired and hungry and me want to go home. 

Erika is a published author! Her new book Diary of a Weirdo Kid is now available in hardback, paperback and eBook.