Zombie Apocalypse

By Izabella Piefke

I was walking down the wide hallway that leads into the two Grade 6 classrooms. When I peered inside, I saw they were doing math, my worst subject. Then I nervously tiptoed into my new classroom and everybody went quiet and stared at me. My cheeks went red. 

‘Ahh, there she is,’ said my new teacher, Mrs Johnson. ‘Here’s your seat, right next to Olivia. I’m sure you’ll make great friends.’

‘Hi Olivia,’ I said.

‘Whatever,’ she replied.

I immediately put up my hand and went out to the toilet. By the time I got back, it was lunch time. As I walked to the bench and sat alone, a confused-looking girl walked past me. ‘Where are my glasses?’ she said.

‘Oh, are you looking for these?’

‘Um, yes.’ She took the pair of glasses I handed to her. ‘Hi, I’m Jessica. Who are you?’

‘Izabella,’ I replied. 

‘Do you want to draw with me?’

‘Okay,’ I said.

We drew together until the bell rang, and then we strolled back into class. I went up to the board and answered a math question. When I sat back down, Mrs Johnson told me I got it right! I immediately jumped up from my seat again and danced. But as I sat back down, I saw a crowd of people running past the window. They were green! 

‘It’s a zombie apocalypse!’ I cried.

Jessica and I ran to the bathroom as fast as we could. There was a big apocalypse behind us. Jessica turned around and locked the door. I ran over to the window. 

‘Look, Jessica. That poor little puppy is going to get eaten alive!’ I looked around. ‘There’s a ladder. Let’s put it out the window and extend it down.’

When we did, I suggested we climb down it. So, I put my foot on the ladder, but it shook. The zombies were at the bottom, shaking it!

‘It’s too dangerous,’ said Jessica.

‘But we need to save that little puppy!’ I cried.

‘Yahoo,’ yelled a weird-looking person, speeding down the road in a blazing red car. He chased all the zombies away! So we quickly climbed down the ladder and grabbed the puppy.

‘Eeek,’ I squealed.  ‘She’s so cute! I will name her Molly.’

We found a car and Jessica excitedly drove home at the speed of lightning, while I was still struggling to put on my seatbelt. She drove so fast that we crashed into a tree! None of us got hurt. 

Fuff, that was close,’ I said.

We jumped out of the car. The zombies were close behind us, so we had to speed up. I speedily picked up Molly and ran with Jessica to my house. When we got home, Jess helped me lock all the windows and doors. 

We heard a yelp. Molly had foam bubbling out of her mouth.

‘Ahhh,’ I screamed. ‘What do we do, Jessica?’

‘I don’t know. Ahhh, she’s a man-eating zombie pup!’

‘RUN!’ I screamed.


What do we do? Think!

‘Quick,’ cried Jessica. ‘Molly’s going to take a huge bite out of us if we don’t think of something quick!’

‘Oh no,’ I said. ‘You know what that means.’

‘I know!’ Jessica grabbed my hand. ‘It means we’ll both turn into …’