By Alyssa Longton


The sound of cars in the street woke me around an hour before my alarm. I slowly climbed down my shaky ladder and walked to my wardrobe. I opened the doors and saw my purple and yellow uniform; it was the only bright thing I owned, so it really stood out. I got dressed and quietly went downstairs. As I walked to the stairs, I passed my little baby sister Ellie’s room. Her door was open just a crack, so I went in to check on her. As I stepped into her room, I was surrounded by a flourish of pink and fluffy teddies. I saw Ellie sleeping peacefully in her little blue sheep onesie. I pulled her blanket over her arms and slowly crept out of the room.

I went down to the kitchen, dodging the many baby toys scattered across the floor. Having a little sister was very hard work and it took up a lot of my Mum’s and my time, but I loved my little Ellie. As I reached for a bowl for my Weetbix, I saw the picture of Dad, Mum and me. I really missed him. It had been a year since the fire, but I still felt like he was here with me. I quickly ate three Weetbix with some sugar and milk, grabbed some money for lunch and stuffed it in my bag. When I opened the door, I felt a cool breeze come from outside. My skateboard was leaning against the red brick wall with my black helmet covered in stickers. I grabbed it and closed the yellow door with the numbers ‘297’ marked on it. I climbed down the steps and began the ride to the skate park.

I passed Mrs Allen’s house and saw her beautiful garden. It had many types of flowers, bushes and vines. ‘It’s so pretty,’ I murmured.

When I got to the skate park, it was deserted. I pulled out my phone, with its heavily cracked screen, and checked the time: 6:30am. I decided I would check to see if my friend Holly was awake, so I messaged her. ‘I’m at the park r u awake,’ I typed.

There was no reply for a few minutes, then I saw the bubbly writing symbol. ‘dude, it’s like too early’ she replied.

I sighed, then my phone vibrated and I saw Holly was calling so I answered.

‘Hey Hol,’ I said.

‘Hey,’ she replied.

‘So, I’m at the park, um, where are you?’ I asked.

‘I’m in bed like a normal person would be,’ she said drowsily. Then I heard the sound of a car horn beeping and a dog barking. As well as the cars and the dog, I could hear skateboard wheels …

‘Doesn’t sound like it,’ I said. But Holly had hung up and I suddenly felt someone tap me on the shoulder. I spun around and saw Holly smiling back at me.

‘You got me,’ she laughed.

While we skated, we talked about our dream houses and pets. ‘My dream pet would be a black and brown German Shepperd named Rufus,’ I said.

‘Cool. Mine would be a big blue-tongue lizard and it would be a girl and her name would be Toothless,’ said Holly.

‘Wow, that’s better than mine,’ I replied.