The Time Machine

By Alana Naicker 

Shoooooshhhh! Swwwosh! The waves crashed against the shore. I was getting bored doing nothing, but then a great idea hit me: I was going to sneak away and have an adventure. When my parents weren’t looking, I crept behind a bush and into the cave area. I kept going past caves and caves and caves, until I saw a huge cave and decided to go inside. When I stood at the entrance of the cave, I saw something amazing. It was silver and shiny and had red, black, blue and green buttons. On the top, in big bold letters, it said ‘TIME MACHINE.’

I bolted to the time machine, opened the door, and stepped inside. I really wanted to press a button, but I knew something bad would happen. Suddenly, I heard something. I turned around to investigate and tripped on my untied shoelace. Crash! I fell back against the buttons. I heard a beep, and then the door closed with a snap and it was dark.

I was screaming for help, but no one seemed to hear me. I was so scared. Then the machine shuddered and I fell to the ground. The door opened. I couldn’t believe my eyes! I must have gone back more than a million years, because I was standing in front of a herd of dinosaurs.

It was the best thing I have ever seen. There were lots of dinosaurs like triceratops, T-Rex, and lots of others whose names I didn’t know. I decided to explore and see what I could find. I saw a baby Pterodactyl. I cautiously crept over to its nest and took a picture of it, because I just realised I had my phone with me. I kept going until I saw an enormous tooth near an ocean …

I remembered that in prehistoric times there was a giant shark called a Megalodon. Maybe this was a Megalodon tooth. I put the tooth in my pocket and went to explore something else. I was getting very tired and decided to have a break near the bush. I was asleep in less than two minutes.

RING! RING! RING! I was woken by a ringing sound coming from my phone. How could my phone be ringing? Weird. 

Oh no, it was my friend Bella! I knew I couldn’t tell her I had gone back in time and the dinosaurs were too loud. I declined her call and kept walking, because I wanted to get back to my parents and get out of here. As I was walking, I saw a huge brown mountain with orange stuff spewing out from the top of the cliff. I bolted to the cliff and couldn’t believe it. It was a volcano! And the orange stuff coming out from the top was volcanic lava. I was afraid but I kept going, because nothing could stop me from finding that time machine.

As I was walking, I was thinking of plans to find the time machine. When I reached a place full of Pterodactyl, a brilliant idea came into my head. I crept over to a nest where a mummy Pterodactyl was about to take off. I quickly ran and jumped onto her back. Then I was up, up, and away! Being up in the air was awesome because I could see so many things. After a little while, I could see a huge lake and something shiny next to it caught my eye. Next to the time machine was a sandy, grassy patch. All I had to do now was jump. 

3 … 2 … 1 … 

I was falling, and it felt like I was flying. THUMP! I landed head-first right in the sandy, grassy patch. My legs and arms were hurting. I was scratched, bruised, and sore all over. 

I was face to face with the time machine. I opened the door and pressed the button that said ‘2021.’ The door slammed shut. I was in the air in no time, flying back to my time. I was so excited to see my mum and dad again. I fell to the floor and the door swung open. Yay! I was back in the same cave where I had started my crazy journey.

I sprinted and sprinted until I reached the beach, and then I searched and searched but I couldn’t find my parents. At last, I saw them looking in bushes, behind rocks, and in the water. I ran up to them screaming, ‘Mum! Dad!’ Mum was in tears, she was so happy to see me, and Dad was ready for a hug. Mum asked me what was wrong, and I said it was a long story. As we happily walked back to our hotel for dinner, I wondered what amazing, crazy adventure I would have next.