Maia and the Giant Sloth

By Amelia Michell The moon shone, illuminating the screeching bats. The dense jungle covered up every bit of soil it could muster. Lush grass and ferns stood brave, while ants carried fallen and rotting mangoes from the ground. Monkeys swinging from tree to tree chattered excitedly, and all the while dark shadows moved silently, making Maia jump. She began to …

The Something

by Peter van den Heuvel Crash, bang! Levi’s robotic arm smashed through the mech sewer vine, which had been covering the old sewer for aeons. He was being hunted by “The Something”, as everyone called it here in Quinrove. It was a big, nightmarish beast that had haunted the town for a couple of months now. It used to just …

Exercise the writing muscle

Exercise the writing muscle every day, even if it is only a letter, notes, a title list, a character sketch, a journal entry. Writers are like dancers, like athletes. Without that exercise, the muscles seize up. Jane Yolen

Casting the Bones

People on the outside think there’s something magical about writing, that you go up in the attic at midnight and cast the bones and come down in the morning with a story, but it isn’t like that. You sit in back of the typewriter and you work, and that’s all there is to it. – Harlan Ellison

Must I Write?

Go into yourself. Find out the reason that commands you to write; see whether it has spread its roots into the very depths of your heart; confess to yourself whether you would have to die if you were forbidden to write.  This most of all: ask yourself in the most silent hour of your night: must I write? Dig into …