The Howling Sands


ISBN: 9780994157973
Series: Kalika Magic Book #4
Published: 10th November 2017
Form: Paperback
Number Of Pages: 372
Dimensions (cm): 20.3 x 12.7  x 1.2


An abandoned village. A furious firebird. A haunted desert land.

“A wonderful addition to children’s fantasy fiction.”


‘Their faces, beneath the scraps of white cloth that flapped around their heads, were difficult to see. Their eyes were black and hollow, and where there should have been a nose, mouth and chin, there was nothing but a swirling mass of sand.’

One hundred years ago, the mysterious Veladin vanished into the earth. Now Kai, Indie, Nima and Jabar must find them or they’ll never see Shaman Yanti again. The desert sands are shifting. Time is running out. Their only hope is a reckless wind spirit, but even the wind has secrets …

The fourth book in the Kalika Magic series is an exhilarating adventure, with non-stop action, excitement, magic and mystery.

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