On Edge by Archer Gibbs


Join Jacob and his best mate Riley as they face an army of zombies, journey to outer space, travel through time, and fight a giant kraken. On Edge is a wild tale of fun and friendship, written by a kid with a big imagination.


Published: 12 May 2024
ISBN: 9780645459364
Series: Talented Kids
Form: Paperback
Number Of Pages: 101
Dimensions (cm): 13 x 18 x 0.63


A soldier burst into the room. His eyes were bloodshot, and he seemed to be growing taller. He was the biggest person Jacob had ever seen. There were other soldiers with red eyes shambling along behind him. The first soldier seemed to be the boss.

“Stay very still,” Jacob said. They were all standing, frozen, behind the desk. The soldier stopped and sniffed the air. He grunted and then moved on.