Zoom, zoom, zoom!

School Holiday Workshops

July 2022

Bookings will open in May for our new Zoom school holiday workshops for kids 8-14 years. Spend the morning online with Kalika Magic author Karen Hughes and turbo-charge your creative writing. Only $88 per 3-hour workshop, or use your Creative Kids voucher and it's FREE!

There are also places available in our Talented Kids Program and Zoom Club, both proudly supported by the NSW Government through the Creative Kids Program and Create NSW.

Into the Wild

What would you do if your parents suddenly decided to leave everything behind and move to the Amazon jungle? In this workshop, we'll create a character who must learn to survive in the wild. Maybe they live in a tree house and eat coconuts for dinner. Maybe their coconuts are stolen by a capybara, the world's largest rodent. Anything is possible. Get ready for an adventure!


Ready Player One

What if the world you see around you is actually one big computer game? In this mind-bending workshop, we’ll create a quirky main character and send them on a wild adventure in cyberspace. It’s dangerous out there. Who knows what might happen ...

Please email the name and age of your child and your choice of workshop to us at admin@huntervalleywriters.com and make your payment below using our secure Paypal button. Alternatively, you can send us your Creative Kids voucher, together with your child's date of birth, to confirm your booking.